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Ganting, d.o.o.

Zg. Pirniče 90/c, 1215 Medvode

tel: +386 1 36 23 190, +386 1 36 21 117



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Ganting was established in 1989 as a private, application oriented development institute.

The main production and development scope is relay protection for the electro energetic sector. We are specialized in autonome self-powered protection, such as overcurrent relays, frequency and voltage relays, monitoring and annunciation relays and pilot wire differential line protection. We also produce adequate test equipment for protection relays.

Our company developed also a rich scope of consumer electronics, for wich production licences are for sale: geo-catode rust protection, radio controlled chimes, radio relays, mini C transformers for SMD or incircuit montage, AC DC supply sources and photo MOS relays. These products were a-tested and market verified with pilot production.